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The Economic Development Board was established in 2007 and is comprised of a dynamic & committed group of local business owners and individuals who are passionate about our community. 



The Economic Development Board’s vision is to bridge the gaps between service providers and our community to encourage growth.


The purpose of the Board is to assist Council in supporting existing business economic activities, and to promote investment opportunities. Working together with Town Council, Staff and Municipal partners to develop and implement economic development activities that support the goals of our community. 

  • Networking Events
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Shop Local Campaigns
  • Beautification Programs
  • Industry Trade Shows

The Economic Development Officer reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO/Town Manager). Synergies exist between Economic Development, Community Services, Planning & Development, and Public Works departments to ensure a streamlined approach is taken to provide the best service to our customers and businesses.

Economic Development Board

The board is comprised of up to 11 members. The Mayor, one appointed Councillor, and nine members at large as outlined in the Economic Development Board Bylaw #826Within the nine members of the public-at-large, the board shall endeavor to include one member from the rural Redwater community from within Sturgeon County or Thorhild County. Meetings are held once per month with event & activity participation required throughout the year. If you are interested in holding a seat on the Economic Development Board, please submit a “letter of interest” to the Economic Development Officer. 


Board Members

Chairperson - Lawrence Hrycun, LTH Enterprises

Karen Schneberger, ATB

Pat Olchowy, Realty Executives

Christy Condin, Triple C Safety Services

Aaron Pritchard, Drift Production Services

Allegra Tingley, Redwater Dodge

Mel Smith, Mayor

Dody Kluttig, Councillor