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The Town of Redwater prides itself on its commitment to maintaining superior green spaces, roadways and well-maintained infrastructure for its residents. The Public Works department works hard to ensure excellent levels of service are delivered efficiently and effectively to our residents year-round.

Our Vision: "To ensure the Town of Redwater residents are proud of our parks, facilities, roads and utilities through quality infrastructure management and professional, courteous and efficient service."

The Infrastructure Services are divided into many areas, including some of the following:

  • Natural Gas Service

  • Road Management

  • Sidewalk & Walking Trail Management

  • Snow and Ice Control

  • Tree & Shrub Management

  • Wastewater Operation and Maintenance

  • Water Service

Do you have a concern you wish to report? Please contact the Town Office to complete a service request form for any issues in the above areas.

Requests of an emergent nature such as sewer backups, gas odor or no gas, and no water will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Other requests will typically be handled within 48 hours.