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The Town of Redwater provides natural gas, water, sewer, garbage and recycling services to our customers.

Change of Address Form

Application for New Utility Account - new customers must complete a Utility Service Agreement to set up a new account.

Application for Utility E-Billing - sign up for e-billing for faster and more convenient billing process.

Application for replacement / additional waste container - for customers who have broken waste containers or who require additional or larger containers.

Transfer Station Permit Application - must be completed by the property owner. Tenants must obtain the permit from the property owner.

Utility Bill Payment Information - information on calculations and payment methods.

Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan - sign up for automatic withdrawl. Payments are collected on the 20th day of every month or the next business day.

Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan cancellation form - complete this form to withdraw from the pre-authorized payment plan.