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Town of Redwater Council 

Nov 2017 094

Deb Hamilton, Town Manager, Councillor Connie Butcher, Mayor Mel Smith, Councillor Joanne Williams, Councillor David McRae, Councillor Les Dorosh, Councillor Dody Kluttig, Councillor Rob Olsen

Council Standing Committees 2017 - 2018

Mel Smith (Mayor)

  • Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission
  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Economic Development Board
  • Homeland Housing
  • Sturgeon Regional Partnership Committee
  • Edmonton Salutes

Mel is serving his fourth term as Mayor and previously served two terms as a councillor.  Mel was born and raised in Redwater. He and his wife Sophie have a daughter Tammy and two grandsons.

Mel started in business in 1972 and has been involved with land development and oilfield services since. Mel has been involved with minor sports, local service clubs and is a past president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Main:   780-942-3519
Cell:    780-220-2529
Home: 780-942-3991

Connie Butcher

  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  • Roseridge Regional Landfill Commission
  • Joint Use Committee
  • Corporate Services Policy Committee
  • Community Services Policy Committee

Connie was born and raised in Redwater and has very deep roots in the history of the Town of Redwater. Her great grand parents had the first post office in Redwater and her grandparents were instrumental in building the first Catholic church in Town. Councillor Butcher has been on council since 1998 and served one term as mayor.

Connie entered politics because she believes in our community and our residents and has the political understanding of the challenges facing our community now and in the future.  She has been employed at Alberta Hospital since 1994 and has served as the Recreational Supervisor for the past 12 years.


David McRae

  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission (Alternate)
  • Sturgeon Regional Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Redwater Library Board
  • Northern Lights Library System (Alternate)
  • Natural Gas Portfolio (Alternate)
  • Infrastructure Policy Committee

Dave first moved with his family to Redwater in 1984 and remained here until 1999. He subsequently returned in 2006 when he retired from a 31 year career with the RCMP. Dave and his wife, Susan’s children were educated in Redwater Schools where they volunteered on a regular basis. Dave was also a strong volunteer with the Golf Club, Minor Hockey, and Lion’s Club. Since returning to Redwater Dave and Susan have assisted most of the not for profit agencies in Town with their fundraisers and Dave is the immediate past president of the Lion’s Club.

Dave worked for the Town of Redwater until the recent municipal election when he began his first term as Councillor. Dave is looking forward to learning his role on Council and Council Committees while trying to make Redwater a great place to raise a family, own a business or retire.

Home: 780-942-3868

Les Dorosh

  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (Alternate)
  • Capital Region Assessment Services Commission 
  • Community Services Board
  • Redwater Library Board
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Community Services Policy Committee

Les is extremely excited to be on council for a third term.

Councillor Les Dorosh and his family have been living in Redwater since 1951. Les went to school in Redwater, raised his family here, worked in the oilfield and the Agrium plant and taught school in both St. Albert and Sturgeon School Divisions. He has also been on a variety of committees and executives, and played on and coached several different sports teams.

Les has a vested interest in the community that he cherishes and loves. He wants what is best for Redwater, and at least while being on council, has the opportunity for input.

He realizes that the town employees and fellow council members are very vibrant and updated and is looking forward to working with such a professional and talented group.

Home: 780-942-3363

Joanne Williams

  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Community Services Board
  • Joint Use Committee (Alternate)
  • Corporate Services Policy Committee
  • Community Services Policy Committee


Rob Olsen

  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Roseridge Regional Landfill Commission (Alternate)
  • Natural Gas Portfolio
  • Edmonton Salutes (Alternate)
  • Corporate Services Policy Committee
  • Infrastructure Policy Committee

Councillor Olsen has been a resident of Redwater since 1997. He and his wife, Linda, decided to remain in town, upon his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2006, with their two boys, Joshua and Braeden.

This is Councillor Olsen’s third term as a member of Council.

“ With the projects in the Industrial Heartland, just a few miles south of Town, I am looking forward to working with this Council to find ways that we can take advantage of those projects. Be it getting some of those workers to move to Redwater or to help motivate businesses to locate here. All the while trying to improve the quality of life for our residents. The hardest challenge will be trying lobby the Provincial and Federal governments for the funding that is required to achieve some of these goals and projects. This term should prove to be a very interesting.”