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Snow Clearing Policy 405.2


Snow shall be cleared in the following priority (see map for further reference)

  • Priority 1: Main Access Routes around Town
  • Priority 2: Access Routes
  • Priority 3: Downtown Core
  • Priority 4: Residential and school bus stops
  • Priority 5: Industrial areas
  • Priority 6: Commercial lane ways
  • Priority 7: Residential Alleys
  • Highway 38 (48th Avenue): Alberta Transportation Responsibility

To view the Snow Clearing Priority Map click here.


All residents are reminded that within 48 hours of a snowfall any snow or ice must be removed from any sidewalk adjoining your property.

You may not move the snow onto any part of the public streets, avenues, alleys or ditches or other public places adjacent to your property which may cause an obstruction, impede drainage or obstruct the vision of motor vehicle operators.

In the event that the owner or occupier of a residence fails to remove the ice or snow within 48 hours the Town may remove the ice or snow and charge the expense for this removal to the owner. If you are planning on being away on vacation, or if your property is currently vacant, you are responsible for snow removal. Please ensure you have someone in place that will monitor the snow situation.