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The Government of Canada has introduced legislation to legalize cannabis. There will be new federal, provincial and municipal processes for cannabis production, sale and consumption.The legalization of cannabis will have many impacts. Town of Redwater is reviewing federal and provincial direction and legislation as it becomes available, to help manage the legalization of cannabis in the best interest of our community. 

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis refers to products made from the leaves, flowers and resins of the cannabis plant. Other names for cannabis include marijuana (marihuana) or pot. Cannabis users smoke, vaporize, or add cannabis to food or drinks.Today, it is only legal to use cannabis with a medical prescription. The Government of Canada has passed legislation that will legalize cannabis on October 17, 2018, allowing cannabis to be used for recreational purposes.

Open House

On June 27, 2018 the Town of Redwater hosted an open house to provide residents with information about forthcoming legislation as well as regulations that will affect the municipality surrounding the production, sales and consumption of cannabis products in the Town.

Below are the links for the following information:

Please answer all questions per category and submit them to Town Office until August 7, 2018, for administration to document the desires of its residents. Please print and drop off your answers at the Town Office or email them to

What's Next?

The federal and provincial governments are determining the roles and responsibilities of municipalities in cannabis legalization.

Municipalities, including the Town of Redwater, still require details and further clarification from the federal and provincial government, in areas such as public health and education, law enforcement, taxation revenue distribution and facility access. The Town of Redwater may need to create or change various services, policies and bylaws to accommodate legalization. The Town of Redwater is investigating how to best manage the legalization of cannabis in the best interests of our community. 

Engaging stakeholders and the public will be an important part of this process. Please take the time to complete the questions and submit them to Town administration as indicated above.

After gathering opinions form the citizens, the Town will move forward with preparing amendments on various bylaw regulations in relation to Land Use, Business Licensing and Consumption (smoking).

The Town of Redwater will also address and place land use regulations on licensed cannabis growing, production, distribution and processing facilities, retail sales facilities and consumption to reflect the changes in Provincial and Federal regulations.

Bylaw regulations regarding Land Use, Smoking and Business Licensing for the Town of Redwater will be brought forward for approval in the fall through Public Hearings. Watch the local newspaper and our website for the public hearing dates.

Federal and Provincial Roles

Information from these levels can be found at the following locations.


Federal – Bill C-45

Federal - regulations

Provincial – Legislation and Policies

Provincial – Cannabis legalization in Alberta

Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization