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Policy 908 Memorial Tree & Memorial Bench Program








Through the Town of Redwater’s Memorial Programs you can purchase a tree or a memorial bench in memory of a loved one, in recognition of a special achievement, to commemorate a special event, or to dedicate to a special member of the community.  You may also choose to purchase an engraved metal plaque to be mounted near your memorial tree or on the memorial bench.

2018 Memorial Programs Details

Policy 908 - Memorial Program

Memorial Tree Program

The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute and will benefit the community as a whole by enhancing our natural environment.  Many designated locations are available for memorial trees. You can view the areas in Town where memorial trees may be planted by viewing Schedule B of Policy 908.  The application deadline for memorial trees usually falls in mid to late April each year.

Memorial Bench Program

Memorial benches are a wonderful way to enhance and beautify our community parks.  The Town of Redwater is currently working toward the development of a community walking trail system which will create many opportunities for placement of memorial benches. Please see Policy 908 for an application.

As of 2013, memorial benches are of a black metal classic design to allow for durability and consistency with new benches placed in the downtown core as part of the 49th street revitalization project. 

Bench Small








For more information on purchasing a memorial tree and plaque (optional), please contact the Community Services Office at 780-942-4101.