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Compliance Statement

A compliance statement is a common condition of sale during the sale of a property.  The Town does not require Compliance Statements but offers them as an optional service.   Compliance is based on a Real Property Report (RPR), a survey of your property and the buildings on it.  A private survey company will prepare the RPR.

If the buildings on your property follow the Land Use Bylaw, the Town will issue a Compliance Statement.  If an issue is identified, potential permits, variances or encroachment agreements may be necessary.

The Development Officer will typically be in the office each Tuesday, however they can be contacted anytime by email at or or by phone at 780-486-1991 ext. 222 or the Town Office (Tuesdays) 780-942-3519 ext. 270 if you have any questions.  

How do I apply?

Application Form

A compliance statement has two options.  A regular or a rush.  Fees range from $200 to $400 as per the Fees and Charges Policy.