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Town Bulletin Board


Newsletters are sent out quarterly and are included with the utility bill. Please take the time to review the newsletters as they will help answer many questions you may have regarding current issues. If you need further information or clarification on any information please call the Town Office.

September 2020

Community Calendar

The Community Calendar is included in The Review once a month. This calendar shows many regular events in Town as well as the garbage and recycling pickup schedule. The events are also included on our website calendar on the home page.

September 2020

Information Bulletins

Information bulletins are included in the Redwater Review newspaper. 

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

August 2020

Budget Information Booklet

The 2020 Budget Booklet is now available, some activities and projects may be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Budget Information Booklet

Local News

To keep up on local news, the Redwater Review, can be accessed online.

Redwater Review

In the current world of COVID-19 community engagement events have become a challenge due to social distancing requirements. 

In order to seek important input from all stakeholders, the Redwater RCMP will be completing monthly police briefs in order to keep the public aware of their activities in the communities.

In addition they are encouraging anyone with any inquiries, questions, comments to contact them at . During each monthly police brief members of the detachment will answer a few of the questions asked.

Beginning on Aug. 11, citizens in all Alberta RCMP jurisdictions experiencing loss or theft under $5000, or vandalism of property or vehicles with damage less than $5000 to repair it, no longer need to call or visit a detachment – they can simply visit to report the occurrence. It takes about 15 minutes to fill in the report and can be done at anytime or place.

June Brief

July Brief

August Brief