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Public Works

The Town of Redwater prides itself on its commitment to maintaining superior green spaces, roadways and well-maintained infrastructure for its residents. The Public Works department works hard to ensure excellent levels of service are delivered efficiently and effectively to our residents year-round. 

Do you have a concern you wish to report? 

Please complete and submit the Service Request Form or contact the Town Office at 780- 942-3519 to complete a service request form. After hours you will be directed to the Public Works on-call employee.

Requests of an emergent nature such as sewer backups, gas odor or no gas, and no water will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Other requests will typically be handled within 48 hours.

Help prevent sewer back ups by learning what not to flush

Snow Removal

Snow shall be cleared in the following priority in accordance with the Snow Clearing Policy (Snow Clearing Map and Sidewalk & Walking Trails Map):

Priority 1:  Main Access Routes around TownYellow
Priority 2:  Access Routes/Downtown Core  Red
Priority 3:  Residential and school bus stops

Priority 4:  Industrial areas
Priority 5:   Commercial AlleysPurple
Priority 6:  Residential Alleys

Highway 38 (48th Avenue):Alberta Transportation ResponsibilityGrey

Snow Fall Event                

In the event of a snowfall:

  • Where possible vehicles should be removed from the streets immediately to facilitate faster snow clearing.
  • Priority areas 1 and 2 will be cleared without any prior notice.  Any vehicles or items parked on the street will be ploughed around.  
  • Once Priority areas 1, 2 and 3 are complete Public Works will review all areas of Town and plough any residential streets that are free of vehicles. 
  • Snow clearing signs giving 24 hour notice to remove vehicles will be erected on remaining streets.  Vehicles that are not removed in accordance with the 24 hour notice will be ploughed around.
  • In the event of an emergency, 24 hour notice may not be provided.
  • If the snowfall occurs on the weekend, only the Priority 1 main access routes will be cleared.

Methods of Clearing

The method of clearing shall be as follows:

  • Where possible (allowing for open, non-occupied boulevards) snow shall be ploughed toward the boulevards.
  • Where there are sidewalks on one side, with an open boulevard on the second side, snow shall be ploughed to the open boulevard.
  • Where the sidewalks on both sides of the street are adjacent to the street the snow shall be ploughed to the centre of the street. This snow will be removed, but only after all streets are cleared.
  • If during the process of snow clearing by Town equipment driveways become blocked, the driveways shall be cleared of snow once the snow clearing is completed on that street.
  • If during the process of snow clearing by Town equipment access to street walkways becomes blocked, the walkways shall be cleared of snow once the snow clearing is completed on that street.
  • Driveway and walkway access will be cleared, generally within 10 – 24 hours.


Alleys will only be cleared after all other priority routes are cleared of snow such clearing shall be at the discretion of the Infrastructure Manager.   

Residents’ Concerns

Concerns will be recorded on a list at the Town Administrative Office.  Public Works will respond to concerns in accordance with this policy. Due to the limited number of Town staff, snow plowing will not be done on a 24-hour basis

The Town’s sanitary system consists of:

  • Collection System consists of 23 km sanitary sewer main lines
  • Lift Stations and Forcemains
  • Lagoons (non-aerated and mechanically aerated)

The Town of Redwater’s water system consists of:

  • Treated Water Supply Line
  • Reservoir and Pumphouse
  • Water Distribution System

Our water quality meets all standards for healthy drinking water including the new more restrictive standards for lead. Our water is supplied to us by EPCOR from a treatment plant in Edmonton using the North Saskatchewan River as the source. 

The Town monitors water quality for chlorine and bacteria and conducts yearly testing, which includes testing for lead as set out in the Code of Practice for a waterworks system. These tests are audited by Alberta Health and Alberta Environment. The town owns and operates 19.0 km of water distribution system which starts from our reservoir pumping station.  

The Town of Redwater generally slopes gently in the northeast direction toward the Redwater River except for portions along the south town boundary which slope to the southeast.

 The Town has a limited storm sewer system, with runoff mostly being handled on the streets and in roadside ditches. The construction of houses, commercial buildings, paved roads and parking lots increases the imperviousness of a watershed and reduces the infiltration of rainwater. This means that a much larger portion of the rainfall will run off. This increases the volume and rate of runoff and produces larger peak flood discharges in developed watersheds than would have occurred before development.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, lift stations and all sanitary storm sewer repairs.

The Town of Redwater residents enjoy the lowest natural gas cost of any municipality in the capital region. The natural gas utility serves all properties within the corporate boundaries of Redwater. The Town of Redwater is a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops. Natural gas is purchased through Gas Alberta Inc. to achieve favorable gas pricing through greater purchase power. The town maintains 36 km of natural gas distribution system with 3 regulating stations.

If you require a new natural gas service line to your home or business, stop by the Town Office or call 780-942-3519.

DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG The Town of Redwater is a member of Utility Safety Partners, previously known as Alberta One Call. If you are planning any construction work on your property that involves any type of excavation or drilling, contact Utility Safety Partners at 1-800-242-3447 (toll free) at least two days before digging; one of our service representatives will come to your property and mark out all gas service lines at no charge. Alberta One Call is also on the web at:

The existing transportation consists of several arterial and collector roads, these roads and the classification of each have been listed below.

Arterial RoadsCollector Roads
44 Street48 Street Collector (Arterial between 48 Ave and 49 Avenue)
48 Street  (Arterial between 48 Ave and 49 Avenue)53 Street
58 Street65 Street
44 Avenue
49 Avenue

53 Avenue

There are 17.0 km of  asphalt paved roads, 8.4 km of gravels roads, 21.0 km of sidewalks and 7.1 km of back alleys within Town limits.