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Strategic & Statutory Plans


2022-2031 Strategic Plan

Bylaw 899 Redwater Industrial Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 767 Westland Village Area Structure Plan

Redwater Landing Outline Plan 

Royal Redwater Outline Plan

Alluvium Outline Plan

Bylaw 807 Standing Stone Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

Standing Stone Industrial Park ASP

July 2, 2013 - Town Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 807, Standing Stone Industrial Park Area Structure Plan.

The Town of Redwater is an important part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and requires additional industrial and commercial property; Standing Stone Development aims to fulfill a demonstrated market demand.

Standing Stone Developments is currently leasing 160 acres of land one kilometer from the Town of Redwater and five kilometers north of Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

Contact: Casey O'Byrne, 780-421-0058

Westland Village ASP Bylaw 767

2010 Westland Village ASP

2013 Westland Village ASP Amendment

This area structure plan provides a general development framework for approximately 66.0

hectares (163.1 ac) of land legally described as the SW Quarter Section 25, Township 57,
Range 22, West of 4th Meridian, and located northeast of the intersection of Highway 28
and Highway 38 (48 Avenue in the Town) (see Figure 1). It will provide a planning
framework for future detailed redistricting, subdivision, and development.
The area structure plan identifies:

  • future land uses;
  • external access points;
  • a general utility servicing concept;
  • a roadway system for the plan area; and
  • parks and open space amenities.

This Area Structure Plan also provides detailed design guidelines for development within
the plan area. These design guidelines are provided due to the relatively high densities
proposed for the residential component of the plan area and the need to carefully mitigate
any potential land use conflicts.