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The Town of Redwater provides natural gas, water, sewer, garbage and recycling services to our customers.

Introducing a new option to pay your Town utilities and taxes through PaySimply. Follow the links below to access the paysimply site. 

Please note that convenience fees will apply.     

Tax Payment 
Utility Payment

Installation of Utility Services Policy 504

Gas Service Installation Steps:

The Town is responsible for installing gas services up to and including the meter outlet. The Town is not responsible for installing secondary lines or secondary meters.

  1. The owner (or authorized agent) shall make an application for gas service. Application is made by completing an application and contract for Installation of Gas Services Schedule A.

  2. The Town will estimate the total cost of the service installation.

  3. Prior to construction, the applicant must pay a deposit equal to 50% of the estimated installation expenses.

  4. After completion of the infill, all construction and material information is compiled and reported to the Town Administration Office for final invoicing purposes.

  5. The Town will inspect the pressure test of the owner's lines and leave a meter.

Water Service Installation Steps:

  1. The owner (or authorized agent) shall make an application for a service connection. Application is made by completing an Application to Connect to Water and Sewer Mains. Associated fees shall be payable upon submission of this application as prescribed in the Utility Rates, Fees and Billings Bylaw.

  2. It shall be the owner’s responsibility to install all water and sewer service lines from the Town’s main lines. Operation and maintenance shall be in accordance with the Town’s Utilities Bylaw.

  3. The water meter location must provide accessibility for meter reading and meter change outs.

  4. It shall be the Town’s Responsibility to provide and install the water meter and ERT.

  5. Material used for the service line and connection shall be prescribed by the Town.

  6. The Town shall inspect and photograph the service installation prior to the owner backfilling the trench. Backfilling shall be done to the Town’s standards.

  7. If the owner proceeds to backfill prior to the Town inspection, forfeit of installation deposit shall apply as prescribed in the Utility Rates, Fees and Billings Bylaw.

Fortis has a Streetlight Repair Map. With this map, you can view streetlights in FortisAlberta’s service area and request a repair online. Once a streetlight repair request is submitted, a service order is automatically generated to facilitate repairs.

Additionally, customers can call 310-WIRE (9473) where a customer service agent can log and action a repair order for the street light in question.

In the event of a disruption in the gas flow it may be necessary to relight your furnace and/or water heater. If the gas pressure drops significantly then you may need to reset your regulator as well. If you need assistance in relighting your gas appliances please call the Town Office at 780-942-3519. After hours you will be directed to the Public Works on-call employee.

ATCO Gas has a video that will show you how to reset your regulator and relight your furnace if you feel comfortable doing this on your own.

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide - Government of Canada

Are you heading south for the cold winter months?  Do you have property in the Town of Redwater that is going to be vacant during the winter or summer?

Property owners are responsible for the monitoring of their property.  It is also a good idea with your property’s insurance company to see how often a vacant property requires monitoring against furnace malfunctions or utility interruptions.

The Town of Redwater advises property owners that vacant properties should be checked by someone on a regular basis to ensure there are no water or gas service issues. 

 In the event of a gas service outage or water issue the Town will place notification on its website, Facebook and/or the local newspaper.

Underground excavation accounts for more than 20 per cent of power line contacts.

FortisAlberta locates its own lines up to the meter and does not locate customer-owned lines. Locating of our facilities up to the meter is free of charge.

Excavators and contractors must call Utility Safety Partners formally Alberta One-Call at 1-800-242-3447 as their first step. Utility Safety Partners will arrange to have most utility lines marked. They require at least two working days’ notice and these markings are valid for 14 days. You can also visit their website at

The online Flowpoint System has been installed and is ready to use if you require bulk water for Truck Fill or Bucket Fill.  Please visit and click on bulk water. You will have to set up an account providing all required information and pay using your credit card to have a monetary balance to get water. Through this system you will have an Account ID Number and PIN which you can use at any Sturgeon County Truck Fill Station.

You may also set up your account or pay through credit card by contacting Sturgeon County at 780-939-8254.

Tank Fill Regulations

The bulk water fill station in Redwater is located north of 48 Avenue on 44 Street, just north of the condo development. 

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) represents the interests of electricity and natural gas consumers (residential, small business, farm) in Alberta. The UCA team works to ensure consumers have the information, representation and protection they need to help them make informed choices in Alberta's deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

Power services are provided by Fortis. As an electricity provider, Fortis does the following:

  • Performs 24 hour outage repair and emergency response
  • Builds, maintains, and upgrades power lines and facilities
  • Installs and reads meters
  • Provides consumption data to retailers (who bill customers)
  • Promotes electrical safety education in our communities

Unplanned Power Outages: Customers are asked to call 310-WIRE (9473) or visit to report an outage or an electrical emergency. It is crucial that customers report all unplanned outages immediately so that the situation can be resolved. When there is an extensive outage situation, additional resources can be contacted to assist as needed.

Planned Power Outages: As part of Fortis’ commitment to provide the highest quality and reliable service, FortisAlberta performs regular maintenance upgrades and activities. This type of work prevents more extensive and unplanned outages in the future. Sometimes maintenance work requires planned power outages to ensure the safety of employees and the public. These service interruptions involve extensive planning.

If you are experiencing power disruptions and Fortis has not contacted you, please contact 310-WIRE (9473).