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Planning & Development

In Redwater, our land use planning follows a clear hierarchy set by the Municipal Government Act (MGA). This structured framework ensures seamless harmony between each level, with higher plans and policies taking precedence and guiding development at lower levels. As you navigate this hierarchy, it's crucial to grasp that intricacies intensify, ultimately fostering the town's long-term goals.

Land Use Framework

At the provincial level, key documents guide how communities plan and develop in Alberta. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) provides the legal foundation, outlining powers and responsibilities. The Subdivision and Development Regulations offer guidelines for the planning process. The Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) and Land Use Framework establish a regional approach, aiming to balance economic, environmental, and social goals. The North Saskatchewan Regional Plan is our specific region specific region, providing detailed direction for sustainable development. Together, these documents present a framework on how municipalities plan, ensuring thoughtful and balanced growth.

Municipal Government Act

Subdivision and Development Regulations

Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA)

Land-Use Framework (LUF)

North Saskatchewan Regional Plan - in development

On March 30, 2021, Bylaw 893 was adopted to create an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) between Redwater and Sturgeon County. This plan aims to:

  • Promote Local Economy: Set up a plan for economic development in the nearby region.
  • Smooth Coordination: Establish a way for the two municipalities to share information and solve problems together, especially concerning land use.
  • Support Agriculture: Develop rules that help farming and agricultural activities in the area.
  • Open Communication: Ensure ongoing communication and discussions about planning and development between Redwater and Sturgeon County.

The IDP covers various aspects like future growth, land use policies, environmental matters, transportation systems, resource development, utility corridors, communication, referral process, annexation, dispute resolution, and correspondence between the two areas.

Bylaw 893 Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) Sturgeon County/Redwater

Redwater Town Council, on December 22, 2009, approved the Municipal Development Plan, emphasizing Smart Growth principles. These principles aim to improve residents' quality of life, protect the environment, and ensure responsible growth for the town's long-term well-being. Smart Growth themes highlighted in the plan include:

  • Fostering a Town identity which is unique, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.
  • Engaging Community: Encouraging residents to actively participate in community life and decision-making.
  • Mixed Land Use: Creating a vibrant Downtown Area with a mix of homes, retail, businesses, and recreational spaces.
  • Downtown Redevelopment: Supporting the revitalization of the Town's Downtown through specific land use policies and architectural controls.
  • Transportation Choices: Designing neighbourhoods that are pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, offering safe options beyond just driving.
  • Diverse Housing: Ensuring various housing options for people of different family types, life stages, and income levels.
  • Efficient Infrastructure: Promoting growth in existing neighbourhoods and using infrastructure investments wisely.
  • Preserving Nature: Protecting open spaces, natural beauty, and environmentally sensitive areas to enhance aesthetic, environmental, and financial value.
  • Green Building Practices: Encouraging the use of environmentally friendly building practices and systems for long-term savings and sustainability

The MDP is scheduled for a full review in 2024.

Bylaw 754 Municipal Development Plan

Area Structure Plans (ASPs) and Outline Plans serve as detailed guides for specific zones within Redwater, outlining how land will be developed.

Standing Stone Industrial Park ASP

Bylaw 807 Standing Stone Industrial Park ASP

July 2, 2013 - Town Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 807, Standing Stone Industrial Park Area Structure Plan.

The Town of Redwater is an important part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and requires additional industrial and commercial property; Standing Stone Development aims to fulfill a demonstrated market demand.

Standing Stone Developments is currently leasing 160 acres of land one kilometre from the Town of Redwater and five kilometres north of Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

Contact: Casey O'Byrne, 780-421-0058


Westland Village ASP

Westland Village ASP Bylaw 767

2010 Westland Village ASP Bylaw 804

This area structure plan provides a general development framework for approximately 66.0 hectares (163.1 ac) of land legally described as the SW Quarter Section 25, Township 57, Range 22, West of 4th Meridian, and located northeast of the intersection of Highway 28 and Highway 38 (48 Avenue in the Town) (see Figure 1). It will provide a planning framework for future detailed redistricting, subdivision, and development.

The area structure plan identifies:

  • future land uses;
  • external access points;
  • a general utility servicing concept;
  • a roadway system for the plan area; and
  • parks and open space amenities.

This Area Structure Plan also provides detailed design guidelines for development within the plan area. These design guidelines are provided due to the relatively high densities proposed for the residential component of the plan area and the need to mitigate any potential land use conflicts carefully.

Redwater Industrial Park ASP

Redwater Industrial Park ASP Bylaw 899

The Redwater Industrial Park ASP Bylaw, approved on September 7, 2021, outlines the development plan for around 90 acres of land northeast of 51 Ave E and 44 St. Positioned within 10 km North of Alberta's Industrial Heartland, this location is strategically poised to provide additional industrial lots supporting the ongoing activity in the surrounding area. The ASP specifies current and future land uses, external access points, utility servicing concepts, and a road system for the area, including future connections to neighboring lands.

Redwater Landing Outline Plan

Redwater Landing Outline Plan

The Redwater Landing Outline Plan was approved on February 7, 2017, and outlines development for a ten-acre parcel of Highway Commercial land on the north side of Highway 38. The proposed Redwater Landing Outline Plan is for a multiple-building highway commercial development that will be developed in phases. The first phase of the development consists of a gas station with a convenience store and a restaurant with a drive-through window, all under the same roof.

The Outline Plan acknowledges sanitary sewer line capacity issues downstream of the proposed development. Subject to Council’s approval, phase 1 of this development could proceed without upgrading any existing lines.

Redwater Landing Outline Plan

Royal Redwater Estates Development Outline Plan

The Royal Redwater Estates Outline Plan was approved by Council on January 5, 2016.   The plan encompasses approximately 18.8 hectares within the Town. The development of the parcel proposes to develop 199 fully serviced, single-family detached residential lots and will include residential uses, park/open space and a stormwater management pond.

<Document Link Alluvium Outline Plan>

The Alluvium Outline Plan was approved on June 3, 2014, and encompasses approximately 8.43 hectares of land near the town centre.  The plan proposes the development of 61 new residential dwellings, which will be a mix of medium-density housing options such as duplexes and row housing to provide choice and diversity in the housing market.

The Town’s NEW Land Use Bylaw (LUB) PD-01-2023 came into force and effect on January 1, 2024, after public consultation and an intensive year-long review. A LUB is a key planning document that’s key functions:

  • Defining Development: Outlines what qualifies as development or land use.
  • Land Use Districts: Divides the municipality into districts, specifying allowed land uses in each.
  • Permitted and Discretionary Uses: Categorizes land uses as permitted or discretionary within each district.
  • Development Standards: Sets criteria such as land and building size, heights, setbacks, and site coverage for each district.
  • Process Guidelines: Outlining requirements for applying for permits, challenging a development decision and the process to modify the bylaw.
  • Establish Authorities:  Establish the appointment of development authorities for the Town.

Bylaw PD-01-2023 Land Use Bylaw