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The Land Use Bylaw is a document that regulates land use and guides development.

The Land Use Bylaw:

  • Divides the Town into different land use districts and determines the built form and activities that occur in each land use district.
  • Needs to be in conformance with the Town’s statutory plans.

What is redistricting (Rezoning)?

A redistricting (rezoning) is changing the land use district that applies to a parcel of land under the Land Use Bylaw.  This changes the kind of uses and development requirements for that parcel of land.  A redistricting is required if you want to develop your property in a way that is not allowed in the current land use district.

How to apply?

The first step is by setting up a pre-application meeting with the Development Officer to discuss your proposal.  A review will be discussed to see how your proposal might align with the Town’s approved planning documents.  To book a meeting please contact  or by phone at 780-942-3519 ext. 330. 

Rezoning fees are $1000 PLUS all 3rd party expenses as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Application Form

Who approves an application

A Land Use Bylaw amendment or redistricting is a document that requires council approval.  An open house to the public may be required prior to the applicant presenting council with the application at a public hearing.  Following the public hearing multiple council meetings are required before final approval is granted.