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Development Permits

Except as provided for in Section 6.1 of Town of Redwater Land Use Bylaw PD-01-2023, no development or demolition shall be undertaken unless an application for development has been approved and a Development Permit has been issued.  To find out if your Development project requires a development permit, see section 6.1 of the Land Use Bylaw.  If you do require a development permit, please fill out the Development Permit Application Form. All fees are in accordance with our Fees and Charges Bylaw FIN-05-2023.

If you are unsure or need help understanding the Land Use Bylaw, please direct any inquiries to the Development Officer at 

LUEDO, Land Use/Economic Development Officer
780-942-3519 Ext 330
Cell: 780-289-7502

Some of the options below require a Development Permit Application

Apartment & Townhouse
New Home Construction
Renovating & Expanding your home
Secondary Suite
Finishing your basement 
Garages & Sheds
* Sheds under 120 sq ft will not require a permit.
If your deck is 2' or higher from the ground or is covered in anyway, you require a development and building permits.
Application Form
Decks below 2' in height do not need permits
*Deck permit fees are $50 as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw
In your side and rear yards, you can build a fence as tall as 1.8m (6.0ft)
In your front yard, you can build a fence as tall as 0.91m (3.0ft)
Fences can not be built on Town property.
Application Form
*Fence permit fees are $25 as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw
Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools
Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools require permits.  The types of permits required are:
Above ground swimming poolSafety Codes Permits
In-ground swimming poolDevelopment Permit and Safety codes Permits
Hot TubSafety Codes Permits
Application Form
*Swimming Pool permit fees are $50 as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw

All options below require a Development Permit Application.

Development Permit for Signage
New Construction
Renovating & Expanding your Development
Change of Use, New Occupancy or Change of Intensity

Are you starting a new business?  Moving? Renovating? You are required to get permits to ensure that your project meets the regulations before starting any work.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Application Form
*Fees will vary depending on the type of construction, as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw 
Please contact the Development Officer  to confirm fees for your construction, 780-942-3519 ext. 330.
Fences in commercial and industrial districts may vary at the discretion of the Development Authority.  Please contact the Development Officer to discuss your fencing options 780-942-3519 ext 330.
Application Form
*Fees for fences are $25, as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw 
Sidewalk Cafes

A sidewalk café allows a eating and drinking establishment to provide outdoor dining experiences for their patrons.  The sidewalk café season runs from May 1 to October 31.

A sidewalk café must meet the required guidelines of the Land Use Bylaw in order to assure the flow and safety of both patrons and citizens on public lands is maintained.

Application Form
*Fees for sidewalk cafes are $600, as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw